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Full Version: High House?
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Quote:I had a read through all the houses information and quests on the internet, decided that I didn't agree with ANY of their ethics, or rather, lack of ethics and joined Torque because friends were in it lol

My second character was a Maul though, as once again, friends were in that house and it was rumoured the quests were far more interesting than the otheres.  Sadly didn't get to do many xx

I did the same thing and i to found that allthe houses where a bit extreme and focused at one thing. But I still think that Torque is the best! Wink
I had 2 Maul and 1 Shroud characters

Hmm...which houses were my chars in again...

I think I had 1 in every house and a few too low to join one (low lvl pvp was too much fun [Image: default_smile.png])

Still no love for Silver? Smile

Quote:Still no love for Silver? [Image: default_smile.png]

Well I think they were the least favored of the high houses...
Aww....My main was House Silver, but I had to pick Shroud, 'cause that was the one I entered first.

I'll join silver if I have the chance to do so again  Smile

Woot this thread works again ;D

Quote:Woot this thread works again ;D

Quote:[Image: default_ohmy.png]

It was broken [Image: default_ohmy.png].
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