The Chronicles of Spellborn

Full Version: High House?
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Iv chosed for Torque becuz there way is the right one! Hehe.

I was a child of Torque, too Wink

Rune, because my Void Seer was a mage class that was seeking knowledge, as I do in real life, so it felt apropiate.

Torque on my very first character; and later on Shroud and Rune on alts.

i've never played but if i did id be a mage type i think, and knowledge is good so rune sounds good Smile

my first char was shroud

after that i joined each highhouse once with my others

Shroud of course Smile

Anyone has silver high house on his main? Smile

Yeah, my main char, FlashSwordIrene was a child of Silver. my first character was a Shroudie though.

I chose Rune, because they promised knowledge of the shards, of the Deadspell Storm and man, many interesting quests strongly anchored in the game's lore.

Oh, man, I've got such a huge Spellborn craving right now  :'(

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