The Chronicles of Spellborn

Full Version: Our fifth birthday :3
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It's a few days late, but today actually marks the first day our site went live on this domain ^^.

Our domain itself was registrated 5 years ago on the 30th of august. Makes me feel old!

So, what are your memories about this site? What do you think about the Fan Hub and do you still want it to stay online? Wink

When i found this site it was really well hidden in a blog like mainpage. I found it because i think i googled for acid burn elite (from the youtube account where i saw your efforts in reversing the mapfiles)
What stays forged in my memory is how desperate we were when the fatality of the of the dreadful email sank in. The hope of a resurrection and wanting to hear from the original owners was constantly in my mind. Keeping an eye on the forums was the only thing that kept me from getting a nervous breakdown. Now that we almost have a playable version I feel like getting a Champaign bottle ready for the day it goes live. Smile
Five years already. Man, time is passing by too fast.

The end of spellborn was also the end of my MMORPG time. I was never able to get into one again. They all felt lame.
Up to this day this site is the one and only place for true spellborn fans. And things changed alot the last years.

I remember the time when we posted old videos, screenshots and many other materials just to get that feeling again which spellborn had. But it was gone. And the hope got smaller and smaller but there was still this small core community all the time and look what we've got now.
The patience was worth it.

Still glad Kevin created the fanhub, I'm not sure if someone else would ve done it. So everything would ve been lost in the storm.

And to be honest: I prefere this state we have right now 1000 times to a crappy F2P/P2W publisher which maybe picked up spellborn to ruin it into death again.
5 Sad, sad, depressing years.
I want my Spellborn back Cry.
We are on it.
It just takes alot of time since we only have a few people with the skills to reverse all the stuff.