The Chronicles of Spellborn

Full Version: Take a look at what I found today...
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Visit this:

You can still buy prepaid time cards for Spellborn at Game Mania in Belgium!
Only available in Roeselare though.
I guess now it should become a collectable item.

Big Grin
After all these years, they are still available somewhere. Really impressive.

I've seen one in a local store a few years ago.
Makes you think if the shop in question is selling it thinking if Spellborn is still playable or more as a collectable item.

I've bought one card inside a box at a fuel station in Nijmegen for 5 Euro's earlier and posted the pictures here online.
Didn't scratch the code open since it cannot be used anyway.

Greetz J-W.
I have that book too Big Grin And the poster with the shards.
They all came in the box I got with the CD, booklet and poster. I stored my in a safe deposit box as I don't want damaged Smile
So I can buy the game and game time cards in Germany, too: All I need is a server Wink