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Full Version: Hello!
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Hello everyone, I didn't find a "Presentation" section so I improvise, here I am, I'm a big fan of RPG type video games and modding and Spellborn always attracted me a lot. I've been looking at this site for several years now looking for a news item that says "Spellborn is back" and it's almost happened now, so here I finally decided to register!

I could never play Spellborn, when I got interested in the game it was too late it had already been closed a short time ago, so I did some research to find out what had happened and that's when I discovered all the beauty of Spellborn, I saw beautiful videos with amazing sounds and music, fantastic landscapes that I had never seen before in a video game and also unique fights but unfortunately it was over, I would never visit the Enclave... And that's when I discovered your site with the resurrected Spellborn project! I consulted it every week and then every month since 2012 looking for a breakthrough on the project and now we're finally getting there! so thank you all for all the work you've done over the years!

I am looking forward to finally discovering the game and it is possible thanks to you! (If one day you see a character wandering aimlessly through the game and spending hours without moving, it's not a bug, it's just me admiring the landscape)

(Excuse my bad English, I'm French.)
:-) Welcome
Yes, something's beginning to happen currently.
We're all eager to see what's coming out of it.
Welcome to the forums!
And you are indeed right, things are in motion.

Right now, a private server is hosted for a handful of people, but plans to expand are there. Have a little bit more patient, and then you'll be able to walk the enclave in its full glory, full of quests, music and combat.
Another frenchy!
Hi Illuzio and welcome. See you soon in The Enclave Big Grin
Thanks for the welcome, I'm looking forward to testing the game and seeing if Reshade (with Z-Buffer) and TexMod works on it, I have some projects for Spellborn ;)