The Chronicles of Spellborn

Full Version: Give SPELLBORN a new live! (Sign the new Petition!)
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Greetings everyone,

Just noticed today that someone started a new petition to get Spellborn resurected.
Please help by singning the petition at :



Signed it,


because of an error I clicked it twice, and now it shows my comment twice [Image: default_tongue.gif]


Greetings J-W.

Signed it!

I signed it... Gosh I hope they at the very least release the copyrights. server source code would be heaven, and I think I would explode if a publisher picked it up.

The server source code would really be a nice thing.


But I'm not really a friend of that publisher thing.There a hundred of bad Free to Play MMO publishers out there who love to destroy good games with foolish cashshop rubbish and Pay To Win nonsense.I think it's really dangerous to give a pearl like Spellborn into the hands of some guys who don't know how to release it right.

I agree totally with you on that point Kaiyn,


Just after Acclaim had shut down the last Spellborn server there was a petition like this.

If I remember right the respons from one of the dutch staff was something like:

-  it was a nice thing, but we're gonna let it rest like it is.

- Newer hardware - software has more options and better quality

- We're  no longer spending time / money for Spellborn.



Now the idea as community would be like we wanna play our beloved game, don't care who runs the server. [Image: default_tongue.gif]


Publishers don't work for free, they would like to see something in return from running the Spellborn server.


If we're able to fund a server to run the game, that would be a different thing,

it would still mean there would be monthly / yearly costs like electricity, internet traffic , domain costs.

In other words, even if we would have the code to run the Spellborn server and database system linked to it,

it would need a bigger group of players donating to keep the system going.


I doubt if we would ever come that far. [Image: default_mellow.gif]


Anyway the petition gives some attention to our beloved game, never bad I would say.


Greetings Jan-Willem

If JW & Acid can get the game working, funding the server wouldn't be an issue. There's still plenty of people willing to chip in a monthly amount and if necessary you can restrict access to those that donate or limit it to a certain amount of people. That way only the people that actually contributed or showed the most interest in the game actually get to play. 




I would pay a monthly fee to keep it alive.I think thats the only good way to run a game like spellborn.

Free to Play would destroy it,because every Free to Play Model is going to be Pay to win after some months.