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Hello there guys! Is anyone still active here? I remembered this gem of a game and hang on, I have an account on the fan hub, right? So I recovered my password and here I am!
Hope this is not completely dead [Image: default_sad.png]
I have been reading some interesting topics on how you guys reveresed engineered a bunch of stuff and have a somewhat working?! version of the game? [Image: default_ohmy.png]

Hi Bufaritza,
Welcome back.
Indeed we are still active on this forum and still busy with getting our beloved Spellborn back.
Thanks to the help of new members and the work we did previously, we've gotten further. As you can read on the forums we now can revisit the different maps, spawn npcs, chat with each other, walk around...
There is still lots of work to do but we will get there.
A.t.m. we have a demo server but it doesn't have the latest updates. We use the beta client to connect to it. We have postponed the use of the other clients because we first need to get all the basic things properly setup before we start the complex part of handling Gameguard.
Follow these threads to read all about it:
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Alright! I will give it a go. In the meanwhile, hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!

Welcome back Bufaritza.
It's always nice to see some old members coming back.
If you want an easy fast dive into the test server just follow these instructions.
You need to install the Beta Client
Get it here:
Open up Program FilesThe Chronicles of Spellbornetcclientsb_client.rc
change the IP for client/net/login_addr to...
Now, you should be able to join the testserver.
An account will be created with your first login

​Thanks! But I seem to be a total noob at this moment. I downloaded the 0.9 bins and exe and I get an eror with unpacking sb_patch.exe and it just goes on and on with every file. Trying to download some patches or something. Any info or a guide on how to install it would help!
EDIT: So the patches didnt do anything. Just to make it clear, It does not install even one file, I immediately get that error. Well, 3 AM here, might as well try tomorrow.
EDIT2: For some reasons, the download stops as soon as the bins hit 1.01 GB and it marks them as complete. It does not finish them to 1.5 GB. No antivirus or other problems running. Trying alternate download locations.

Hmm I tested the download links and for me it works fine.
You have to be sure, that all 4 files are on the same place and that no antivirus software is enabled. Could cause problems
Run the tcos_eu_0.9.0.0_setup with administrator rights and usually the setup should start.

Managed to get it to work! Downloaded the files off a google drive link. I am already in-game. Oh man, the music and ambient sounds are top notch. That is one of the greatest things I remember about the game. Learnt how to use the .tele function
And I broke my char lol. Used .tele 8000 and now it crashes every time I load. Oh well, new char I guess.

Good to hear its working now.
Yes the atmosphere and the ambient sounds in this game are unbelievable. I ve never experienced something similar in any other game so far.
This bug with the broken chars, when you type some wrong things is a known one.
Try to create a new character. If it will be still bugged then, try to create a new account.

Does anyone have an idea on how to teleport to <font color="#6a6a6a">Atheneum</font> ? *the big mountain where you made your quest every 10 levels and you had to literally climb it and the scenery was breathtaking* . It's not in the list of teleports. Do we have an ID for that place that is not listed?

The big mountain was the Athenaeum. On the public server it's the only location not reachable thow the vaults themselves are available. the ID should be 604 but it is not implemented.
Let's hope Slink can update it soon.

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