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i just discovered the 'Palace District' and i love the atmosphere there.
Are there any more places similar to it?

Try Arena district, Fountain, Green, Slywood...

Palace district is linked to the central square of Oracle district which was a central place for the surrounding districts.
From this round circle you could travel into Fountain, Green, Arena, Statue and Pit district.
Arena was the place where you could go into PVP fights either instanced or open area.
A nice example is the recording Czelsior made from on of our last 4v4 fights.
<iframe width="459" height="344" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>
Pit district had a graveyard in which you had to complete quests and could gain nice items.
Statue had its own mines which were pretty confusing to go down into, it had at least 5 levels down I know.
Green district has a safe bridge with pvp area's on each side. At the end is the citadel of Ail, an instanced map with boss fights.
A different area is the shard of Ringfell, it contained area's like Hearth, Stonedeep, Slywood, Garminholm.
From here you could enter the instanced map of Exarchyon, a sort of prison where we had to free prisoners.
At the end a massive loot possibility, by killing a lot of npc's running up a hill. Not sure if this is available at version 0.9 ?
<iframe width="459" height="344" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe> 
Next map would be mount of hero's north and south with a waterfall pit in the middle. One of the quests let you jump down into the pit for gaining something special, but lose 1 pep level because of dieing each jump. (4 or 5 jumps in total) MOH had mines to, was a nice PVP maze.
Apart from this all is the Atheneum map with the trial quests at level 10, 15, 25, 35, 45 and 50. Some were pretty rough and might need you to get some more levels before you could complete it.
Traveling between the area's was done via shardship, depending if you paid for travel or not it was a nice relaxed flight, or you had to fight to arrive at your destination, or end up dead at your last location.
I might have missed some area's, but most important maps are present.

Wow what a detailed description.
What i like about the Palace district is this magical, but calm atmosphere that motivates to explore and find interesting details in the world.
Some of the other areas you mentioned seem alot darker and heaver.

Sure, the palace is one of the most beautiful places in spellborn when it comes to calmness.
I would recommend you the Silent Child Shardship.
It's different but i like it alot.

Found this place whilst wandering around a while ago, have to agree its just one of the most pleasant places to hang around :)
You have to visit Silent Child as well just for the music :)

That's one of the things that made me love this game: the music. Not only the music though, but also the lack of it at some times. Silence makes you appreciate music even more. And the ambients, to die for.

The ambient sounds are even today the most beautiful ones I've ever heard in any game.
Matthew Florianz is a true master of minimalistic music and ambient.
His work for spellborn is genius and a big part of spellborns overall atmosphere.

In which version was Hawksmouth like this: ? there seem to be trees at the center of the city.

Edit: i just saw that this must be pre-beta or something as the skilldeck art even looks different
(31-08-2015, 11:04 AM)Polymo Wrote: [ -> ]In which version was Hawksmouth like this: ? there seem to be trees at the center of the city.

Edit: i just saw that this must be pre-beta or something as the skilldeck art even looks different

Yeah that's the UI before it got changed into what we had at the end. It was too heavy to render so we had to slim it down.