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Full Version: Christmas contest! Get Half Life 2 & Half Life 2: Episode 1
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Quote:just saw this thread.... to bad the contest is over now..... Loved the comic though, reminds me of many such experiences as a Skinshifter..... [Image: default_smile.png]

A shame that you only just noticed it. Maybe in the future, we'll have more to give-away. Wink
Quote:Juhuuu I won!  [Image: default_smile.png]

Thank you guys for making this contest. I really enjoyed participating.

I still want to encourage people to do Spellborn Arts even if there's no price, so  maybe an official "FAN-ART" thread would be a good idea?

Just gifted the games to Flythth through Steam! Hope he enjoys them [Image: default_smile.png].

Yeah don't worry I will ^^ THX again!

Quote:Yeah don't worry I will ^^ THX again!

You're welcome!

Can't put a date on future contests, but there surely follow another one. However, it can take a while. Smile
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