The Chronicles of Spellborn

Full Version: Tricksters Bodyslot Bombs
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Message: Tricksters body slot gadgets are not working correctly because of targeting issues. They are currently targeting an enemy specifically and should just be targeting a location, and their effect should affect any(damage on enemies and heals on party members) in that target location. current targeting is causing some of the gadget types to work incorrectly (aka some skills using Projection snare are causing suicide death, restorative charge will only heal enemies and not other party members) also the level of the body slot gadgets needs to be changed to improve game balance.
Location: NA
Involved NPC(s): NA
Quest Name: NA
Repro Rate: Always
Summary: 1) Trickster body slot skills should be targeting an area not a specific target they are all area of effect. 

2)They should also be reordered as followed:

level  5 Disorienting charge
level 10 Serrated charge
Level 15 Attenuating snare
level 20 restorative charge (moved here from level 45, this promotes party play)
Level 25 Flashfire charge (moved here from level 20)
Level 30 Suppressive squibs
Level 35 Ambushing snare
Level 40 Projection snare
Level 45 Burgeoning Bomb
Level 50 Piercing Bomb (moved here from level 25)

This will balance out the trickster and promote party play in line with the opening of Exarchyon, The first major game instance requiring partys.
The skills using the gadgets are: Throw, Sling, Cluster bomb, Gadget storm, and Double Trouble