The Chronicles of Spellborn

Full Version: Stuck In Loading
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Message: My Character GhostElite is stuck in the stonedeep loading screen. I'm going to hazard a guess and say its the same issue as last time. can you check the DB for duplicate items again in my inv. i should be  alot less this tiime. I used the mail system earlier today to send a gold ore (item#90791) to another player and he was unable to get the item out of the mail. so my guess is it tried to put it back into my inv. 
Location: Stonedeep loading screen
Involved NPC(s): NA
Quest Name: NA
Repro Rate: Random
Summary: Character GhostElite stuck in loading screen, same problem i had a few eeks ago that you fixed. (hey while you are in there can you reset his skill sigils?)