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High House? - Ghost - 17-12-2010

I would Vote All of the above on high house since i had a lvl 50 in all of them time spellborn ended, can't say i had a favorite though, but i had friends in all. the one good thing about being in all on a PvP server is that i was never left with the option you where safe from my PvP wraith cuase you choose my high house, but Mual was everyones safest best since G'host was house mual. And it seemed it was always G'host FTW in PvP. Man i miss this game.

High House? - CheapThrill - 30-12-2010

Started of as Rune and my 2 mains were Silver and Maul.

High House? - Kenwyn - 28-12-2011

i choose shroudm because i was silly... if at that time i knew more about steate of game and deploeyment of players iould go for rune or silver so i could kill all those "badies" who kept killing my guildies in heart and other locations... as they were shroud as well i couldnt do a s...t