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Test Server - Polymo - 09-03-2015

whenever i try to login i instantly get disconnected, is there anything special i have to do?
Edit: my fault. Had my local testserver in the background :-P

Test Server - Sulvor - 14-03-2015

happens to me [Image: default_sad.png] I have no test server that I am aware of.. disabled firewall, and forwarded ports through, but dc's me when I click the test server [Image: default_sad.png]

Test Server - JW-NL - 14-03-2015

I just connected to slinks server,
If you have troubles you can check the debug log by changing the shortlink to:
"D:\Program Files (x86)\Spellborn_0.9\bin\client\Sb_client.exe" --show_console  --packet_log --uc_debugger
The debugger part is maybe not nessecary, but can show you some more detail about spellborn startup and files.

Test Server - Polymo - 14-03-2015

did you replace the ip:port in the sb_client.rc?

Test Server - Sulvor - 15-03-2015

Found my issue, was to do with Spy Bot Search and destroy, added in a Hosts file entry for that port. (linked back to my PC).
I am in [Image: default_smile.png]
Thanks all for the help