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I sthis still a thing? - Exerlosmyst - 29-05-2017

I was playing spellborn at the start got a collector box from gamestop back then. I just turned 19 was a pretty big deal for me saddly I never finishd playing I stoped with my char I know what his skills where like and what the location looked like but dunno the names and exact level.

I wish this was still running but I guess even this website here is slowly dying?
No private server anymore right?

RE: I sthis still a thing? - Polymo - 29-05-2017

The sad thing is there are not enough people left with knowledge about coding and reverse engineering to help in the development. It's nice to see interest in the server, but as it currently stands, development is halted. If you know someone or are interested in picking it up, a lot of work has already been done, it just needs a professional touch and some (heavy maybe) restructuring.

RE: I sthis still a thing? - Sedjet - 29-05-2017

A few days ago the testserver was still running. -> How to join the testserver:
And acid-burn made some very good videos with instructions on how to set up your own spellborn server: TCOS Reborn - Client/Server Setup: