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Is this full build? - Ralther - 06-06-2019

Hi team,

I noticed that the threads about the game version were as old as 2010 so I decided to log in and ask you this question.

I saw a video on YouTube about the game and this is by far my most favorite game in the whole world!

My question is - Is this real??? Is the full build working with combat, questing, experience gain etc. working as it should?

RE: Is this full build? - SpellbornDev - 06-06-2019

Hello Ralther,

Welcome to the forums!
I'm pleased to tell you that this is indeed a full build of The Chronicles of Spellborn.
It's based on the released Acclaim version, but it has some more bugfixes and improvements.

Please join our Discord for more information. This is our main platform for communiction.

See you ingame!