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no start in win10 - xbot7 - 23-12-2019

i start fresh install, it installs, it starts.. but nothing happens..
any help??

RE: no start in win10 - Ghost - 23-12-2019

Well the server was down this morning but it looks up now

RE: no start in win10 - xbot7 - 25-12-2019

no it wont even start the login screen.. helppp

RE: no start in win10 - SoulTsunami - 12-06-2020

Having the same issue. It seemed to work before I updated to Windows 10 version 2004 today. I wanted to make sure my OS was all up to date before really diving in.

I tried a fresh install, still no success. If I spam the launcher to open several instances, I can see the interface for a moment before they all close.

Not sure what is going on. Have even tried with compatibility settings of other OS, no luck.

RE: no start in win10 - Kevin - 25-01-2022

It works fine on my Windows 10/11 machine, so we can't reproduce this for now...