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Resources The don't drop - Ghost - 21-03-2020

Here is a list of all resources that to the best of my knowledge don't seem to be dropping. Please if something is wrong or missing add to the list or give its drop location and what dropped it. There are also a few at the end that drop but from a mob that just seems incorrect. If it says any after an item that means soul, essence and anima

Bodyslot: Generative malignacy, Focus malignancy(Focus malignancy drops as lesser focus malignancy so this my just be a naming issue)
Tiger eye chip or stone supposed to be in Exarchyon but isn't in game currently
Lessor Dodo any- though dodo anima with no minor,major designation does drop but there doesn't seem to be a recipe that uses it, this is a naming error
Greater Dodo any
Major Dodo anima
Rare Dodo Anima
Magnus Dodo soul, essence 
Greater Panther anima, soul
Rare Panther Anima, Essence
Common Hyena Essence, Soul
Major Hyena Anima, essence
Magnus Hyena anima, soul
Ancestrial Hyena Essence
Resistant Hyena pelt
Greater Raptor any
Magnus raptor any
Common Urgurut Essence
Minor Ousted essence
Greater Glaive essence
Elder Arionite, anima, soul
Minor Beserker essence, soul
Harden urvhail bone joint
Vial of lessor vhelger blood
Vial of ancestrial demonic blood
Silver lessors reinforcement
Jute grip cover
Pristine Bathander hide
large bone ring
Pure forged blade
Primitive iguana lether cord
Resistant ridged rawhide

I'm sure there are more but these are what I could find from Recipies that are in the traders or that i have had.
There may be items listed that do drop listed here that i just couldn't find. Please add to the list or tell us if you have found anything I listed.

There are a few items that drop from mobs that just seem wrong like Thin bone joint a level 5 resource is dropping from level 50 raptors in stondeep and desolate and Wilfred drops level 25 resistant boar bone shards. 
Hope this helps

RE: Resources The don't drop - SpellbornDev - 21-03-2020

Wow, I had no idea the issue was this big. I thought only 5 items or so were missing. Thanks for the list Smile

RE: Resources The don't drop - Ghost - 21-03-2020

That list may not be 100% accurate, Its a very dizzying task and I started to lose track of everything after awhile. LOL But I basically went through every recipe I could find and remember to make the list. Like I said its not all inclusive but its definitely a good place to start.

RE: Resources The don't drop - acid-burn - 21-03-2020

I'll try to make a list of all my resources, but that's gonna take time.
Too many Mule accounts

RE: Resources The don't drop - Ghost - 21-03-2020

(21-03-2020, 07:14 PM)SpellbornDev Wrote: Wow, I had no idea the issue was this big. I thought only 5 items or so were missing. Thanks for the list Smile

(21-03-2020, 09:43 PM)acid-burn Wrote: I'll try to make a list of all my resources, but that's gonna take time.
Too many Mule accounts

Stop hogging resources and dump those things into the traders

RE: Resources The don't drop - Ghost - 22-03-2020

Unstable Glaive soul does drop, I just had it drop from the infiltrators next to logs stacked on the back side of Gerrit Danruys camp in Big Momma territory.

RE: Resources The don't drop - acid-burn - 22-03-2020

ITEMS I HAVE DROPPED (May have more in other mules)

Essences I have dropped in one mule:
Elder Urvhail
Rare Urvhail
Greater Shadow
Major Dodo
Magnus Howler
Magnus Ousted
Major Ousted
Common Ousted
Greater Vhuul
Greater Arionite
Elder Forge
Lesser Iguana

Souls I have dropped:
Common Urgarut
Greater Urgarut
Rare Dodo
Minor Ousted
Magnus Howler
Magnus Ousted
Major Ousted
Ancestral Hyena
Major Hyena
Greater Arionite
Mighty Arionite
Greater Vhuul

Animas i have dropped:
Elder Arionite
Magnus Panther
Greater Glaive
Minor berserker
Minor Ousted
Magnus Syphsil
Common Hyena
Greater Vhuul
Greater Urgarut
Common Urgarut
Ancestral Urgarut
Magnus Dodo
Rare Urvhail
Magnus Ousted
Magnus Howler
Ustable Glaive

Plants (gathered or dropped):
Sweetleaf Root
Sweetleaf Stalk
Grasping Deadroot tendril
Grasping Deadroot Vine
Shrouded Lily Stem
Shrouded Lily Flower
Silvershade Stem
Silvershade Leaf
Reaper's Bain Vine
Reaper's Bain Root
Miner's Lantern Root
Miner's Lantern Cap
Miner's Lantern Stem
Butcher's Cap Stem
Butcher's Cap Top
Bloodroot Root
Bloodroot Stalk
Chicory Flower
Chicory Root
Vervain Leaf
Vervain Root

Cleansed Water
Fortified Water
Tepid Water
Purified Water
Elder Vhuul Humour
Ousted Liquid Humour
Light Dubin
Light Wheathering Oil
Heavy Arionite Muslin Treatment
Enriched Cedar Oil
Enriched Cedar Oil Residue
Dark Ousted Dubbin
Champion's Morale Boost
Standard Flask Of Revitalization
Substantial Flask Of Revitalization
Greater Flask Of Revitalization
Viscous Raptor Humour
Strong Linen Treatment
Simple Flask
Jade Runic Ink
Glowing Runic Ink
Scarlet Runic Ink
Viscous Glaive Humour
Glaive Enriched Humour
Small Vial
Heavy Vial
Flawless Titanium Moulding
Coldflame Vial
Vial Of Rare Syphsil Blood
Strong Velvetine Treatment
Ancient Vial Of Demonic Blood
Strong Jute Treatment
Fluid Weathering Oil
Viscous Weathering Oil
Cleansed Chestnut Oil
Strong Velvetine Treatment
Purified Spruce Oil

Exceptional Bone Guard
Perfect Bone Guard
Rough Bone Guard
Ringland Bone Wax
Porous Bone Edging
Inlaid Bone Edging
Inlaid Bone Grip
Resistant Boar Bone Shard
Rough Boar Bone Shard
Thick Boar Bone Shard
Thick Speyrbone Whorls
Thick Bone Fragments
Pristine Daigant Bone
Hardened Urvhail Bone Joint
Heavy Crocodile Bone
Decorative Bone Shards
Massive Daigant Bone Shard
Thin Bone Joint
Large Bone Guard
Large Bone Edging
Pure Ground Coldflame Wax

RE: Resources The don't drop - Ghost - 26-03-2020

magnus Taima soul and essence do drop ion scoured hills not sure about anima yet so does the pure bone ring

RE: Resources The don't drop - Ghost - 28-03-2020

So don't suppose you could add magnus demonic essence to the list of what perrefin sadrin drops

RE: Resources The don't drop - SpellbornDev - 07-04-2020

I fixed the code commandlets and extended it to do a full pass on all game packages to see what is not in the game.
Here's a list of items that are not in the game at the moment.

Ancestral Taima Soul
Blade-Shaped Bone
Broadcasting Snare
Champion's Aura
Champion's Lesser Spiritual Rage
Coldflame Chip
Coldflame Dust
Coldflame Stone
Common Hyena Essence
Common Hyena Soul
Darkened Forge Anima
Draining Malignancy
Elder Forge Anima
Emotional Malignancy
Focus Malignancy
Forthright Blight
Gale Snare
Generative Malignancy
Globule of Mercury
Granite Gravel
Granite Slab
Greater Dodo Anima
Greater Dodo Essence
Greater Dodo Soul
Greater Panther Anima
Greater Panther Soul
Greater Raptor Essence
Greater Raptor Soul
Greater Taima Anima
Greater Taima Essence
Heavy Arionite Down Liner
Heavy Raptor Hide
Hound Bone Spikes
Hound Leather Cord
Large Bone Ring
Large Rawhide Cord
Large Wolf Fur Padding
Lesser Dodo Anima
Lesser Dodo Essence
Magnus Raptor Essence
Magnus Slither Hyena Soul
Major Dodo Anima
Mighty Humanoid Anima
Mighty Humanoid Essence
Mighty Humanoid Soul
Mobile Blight
Mocking Malignancy
Pausing Miasma
Pestilent Miasma
Primitive Iguana Tooth
Primitive Raptor Bone Plate
Pristine Bathandar Hide
Projection Snare
Rare Dodo Anima
Rare Panther Anima
Rare Panther Essence
Rare Urgarut Anima
Rare Urgarut Soul
Shiny Bathandar Teeth
Sparkling Runic Ink
Suppressive Squibs
Tiger's Eye Chip
Tiger's Eye Stone