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Not enough lvl 40-45 raptors in game - Ghost - 12-04-2020

Message: There are to many raptors in desolate in the 45-46 range( both adult strixtors and young strixtors) and no lvl 40-45 raptors at all. The Adults are located in the wasted dunes area of desolate, and the young are located in the grewound area of desolate. I propose lowering the young strixtors in greywound, Desolate down to the lvl 40-45 range so that items of this drop table range can drop.
Location: Desolate
Involved NPC(s): Strixtors
Quest Name: NA
Repro Rate: NA
Summary: Lower the young strixtors in greywound area of desolate by 5 lvls and make sure they have the drop table for the new lvl.