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Spellborn: If you could change...?


Assuming that we are all here because we enjoyed playing Spellborn, and assuming that Frogster is not lying to us about the possibility of a Spellborn rebirth, what things would you change or would you have liked to have seen done? If you loved it and thought it was perfect, say that too.

My first thing I would have changed was to make Hawksmouth more alive. More npcs and quests and even just some open homes that you could wander into and look around. I just felt that the town seemed rather barren of life considering it's size.



I would change the fact that it's gone offline [Image: default_smile.png] x

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Well...yeah, apart from changing the fact that Spellborn is offline now, I'd like to throw all the health regen sigils overboard, so lvl 50 players can be fought without the huge handicap of up-to 40%-ish health regen.

Other than that, I loved Spellborn just the way it was...



Puting a quest tracker on the map i believe would keep many players because no one knows about spellbornDB when they first start out and that's why i quit a long time ago in 2009. i didn't know about DB and it was very difficult to complete the quests but then came back 6 months later=),

And a group PvP battle system like High House wars or somethin would be awesome cuz every loves spellborn's PvP, but other than that the game was perfect in my eyes...



Yea, a quest tracker is needed. Without SpellbornDB this game is so hard... that way of playing MMO's is long gone Smile



Mmm, I'd have changed the initial European release. A worldwide launch or atleast one in the western hemisphere to start with was required for this game to be succesful. Acclaim hurt the game badly by releasing it 6 months later and Frogster, Mindscape weren't very helpful at providing boxes in Scandinavian countries as well, as they were supposed to have done.

So yeh, I blame the publishers and that would have been my change. Without all that confusion at that time, we'd still have our devs and our game...



-I agree with quest-tracker

-Something to run/travel faster like a mount (as a skinshifter i didn't have the problem, my wolf body was fast enough) but maybe for other classes.


-Small things like mini-games, achievements, books to read, events, fun-items... All these small things make the game-play more attractive to others.

-Show the player what he could achieve when playing

-Maybe a bank/item mall (no 2nd char to carry all the stuff)

PS: I didn't play the game from the beginning and didn't have the chance to finish it please forgive me if something already existed.

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What you mentioned wasn't in the game but they would have made fine additions!



if the game will get a rebirth...

a trickster piercing bomb nerf would be good...and all the missing content.

everything else wasn't a problem

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I am going to make this a serious list, because if the game ever gets rereleased and the people that might be doing so are reading this can get some good ideas. I will also detail why I want these changed.

1-High priority



I. Mounts to travel faster. Reason: Not everyone is "hardcore" and enjoys long walks, people might get bored, bored people-->less players -2-

II. Houses to buy and decorate. Reason: It is somewhat the new thing as cosmetics go in MMO's. This would require some time to add, but it would be a nice feature, including clan houses(I mostly got this idea from LOTRO). -3-

III. Hero of the day week/month/slayer of etc(you name it). The lucky person would have a statue or a sign in Hawksmouth or QS, special songs in his honour or stuff like that. This idea was discussed in one of the seminars. Reason: It would give the players a sense of "awesomeness", because every player wants to be recognized for his "talents" in a MMO. -1-

IV. Adding the high level zone that never made it to the game. I know there was one, it was discussed on the spellborn forum. Reason: More end-game content. -1-

V. A few tweaks on the skills and classes, there where a few bugs, altough I was very happy with my Void Seer but other classes where not. Reason: More balance, less frustration, more fun. -1-

VI. More diversity when traveling between shards with the crew. By this I mean scripted battles. I was level 30 so I battled against humans only, I have no idea if later on you would fight the skaarj(I hope I got the name right). Also in the story we are told that there are pirate ships in the deadspell storm.(We actually have some quests about this when we raid some ships). You can go with some good scenarios from there, including quests and armor sets(Pirate armor set anyone?). Reason: It would make the teleporting between zones more fun, more unique, as it would not be seen as just another drawback in the gameplay(loading beetween zones, waiting bla bla bla). It would all fill natural. Other games use a teleporation npc but we used shardships. Sometimes I wondered what our "character" does in these long voyages in the massive deadspell storm. This would fill the gap. It doesn't have to be just fighting, it could be some minigames like some kind of backgammon or chess,drinking contests(or maybe not, it would promote alcohol which would be a no-no for PG-13 or whatever ratings, meaning less to zero players of some age. Hey I'm ok with that, I loved spellborn mature community, but the big bucks come from stupid teenagers 14+. I don't want to offend anyone here.


VII. House battles, armors, quests, Shard Wars, Shardship battles between clans etc. Reason: More pvp content. -1-

VIII. An option in the quest log to highlight with a different color for example locations or key words in the quest, to make it easier to find where you have to go. Quest tracker is a big NO for me, in my opinion would change the whole gameplay of spellborn.


IX. The ability to sort your inventory, sort your quest log, skills by level/alphabet etc. Ability to put notes on the map, to send a whisp to a player by just clicking his name in the textbox rather then writing it, a vault to store items(I had 2 chars for this). Reason: It's the little things that count. -2-

X. Fix all the bugged quests, introduce all the resources that where missing, armor sets! By this I don not mean that you should introduce armor and weapon damage, but an armor set for void seer that gives +2 spirit affinity/or +2 spirit or an extra sigil extra isnt that bad, and it would actually make the run for recipes/resources feel meaningfull. Of course there should be a fair amount of sets, so that we do not see all level 50 players using 2-3 sets because they are the best.


XI. Optimization. I have a pretty good computer, but I would have the crappiest fps ever in some zones(Green district anyone). Reason: Less frustration, less requirements for playing the game-->more players.


Well thats all my mind could come up for now. Will post more if I feel the need. Hope I am not annoying with these posts Vamp, but I felt the need to express this for a loong time ^^.

Some feedback from you guys if you wish. Thank you.

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