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Test Server


Is there a test server I can join? the one I tried to join wouldn't let me create a character


thanks i am new here



On this?

I think you can't use numbers 


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You need to install the Beta Client
Get it here: http://www.spellborn.org/topic/125-the-c...ent-files/
Open up Program FilesThe Chronicles of Spellborn/etc/client/sb_client.rc
change the IP for client/net/login_addr to...
You can start the client with the Sb_client.exe

At your first login you can type in whatever you want.
It will create an account with these information then, for further logins.
Now, you should be able to join the testserver
Atm you can only explore the maps with a random character.
Have fun

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I've been playing with item id's which is causing it to crash for certain items in character creation. Create a naked character and it should let you in


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By the way, I added more enums to the actual list in the wiki. The Group Id's could be relevant to many things. I also added the enums of the DayTime and ZoneWoldTypes.

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Yeah i figures you couldn't customize your character, I am really interested in how the skill deck works a shame i cant test it  [Image: default_pinch.gif]



It felt really magical to walk around once again... I love you guys!


I'll upload the game files to the server later once I have time for it.





- I have this website pinned

- There is a working spellborn testserver and I realised this just... now?!


O.o Something is clearly wrong with me...


...neeed to kkeep tha diciprin until after exams....

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It is so cool to see the Spellborn world again.

Have a question? I'm here to help! 


It's not cool, it' s incredible!


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