Your Good Spellborn Memories
Started by OmgItsFear

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01-10-2010, 07:14 AM -
In this topic feel free the share your good memories in spellborn or memorable moments you had.

I remember snowboarding every day then coming home to spellborn, those were good days... that's where i met Razeth.Most of you may know him, we leveled from like 15 to 50 he was a great friend i met in game, and we always had a great time questing.

It was fun coming across other groups of players that we would interact with and duel,and for the most part help eachother out and become friends.We wern't in International then so we always got excited when we came across people lol.

PvP was always my favorite, me and Razeth would duel constantly, i was BW he was WG. it was pretty even on the wins and losses so we never resolved who was better.I know you guys remember when we all gathered up in Arena District, and dueled for hours and was seeing who's best.Those were good times indeed...and now all we can do is wait, but all i gotta say now is:


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02-10-2010, 01:28 AM -
I miss the fact most players were mature and got on well... Tournaments made my the players worked well, and I loved looking up!

I heard bad things about the US servers... Not sure if Acclaim is to blame there....

but there are so many things I loved.


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02-10-2010, 01:30 PM -
I miss the atmosphere. The sounds, the graphics, the feeling Spellborn gave me. No other game has the feel of TCoS. That's why I love the game: it's fun, it's great and it has a world that could just have me looking at it for hours. I sometimes stopped at a place just to take a look for a few mins.


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02-10-2010, 04:13 PM -
I miss the adventure of playing it... discovering new things and actually finding a somewhat livable MMO world.

And of course the people I played the game with. I loved leveling and questing with Astellia during beta and of course hunting down some bugs [Image: default_wink.png]. And the same goes for International. Great people, love them!

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04-10-2010, 02:01 AM -
I miss getting killed while BLINKING or even just running past Tiny.

I miss the aching wrists while fighting.

I miss being dc'd during porting.

I miss changing my password




I miss running to the loo while waiting for the boat to load, then coming back and finding I'm almost dead.

I miss the server reset going off and coming back to 1 PEP and running right into the same Ousted camp I died in when the server reset ...... hello 0 PEP !!

I miss arguing with any rude idiots who just started and thought it was just as easy to misbehave in zone chat as other games.

I miss not being able to find anyone to party with.

I miss accidentally running off/jumping off/walking backwards off a building or cliff and dying - PEP.

I miss all of that, no, seriously, I DO.

and the scenery

and the fighting

and the music

and the beautiful atmosphere in some places

the new ways to fight if you move your skills around

and the coolest community I ever virtually met

just all of it [Image: default_wink.png] xxx

[Image: 59188_430846286730_593711730_5278636_815571_n.jpg]

~x~Fake Friends Killed on Sight~x~

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19-10-2010, 04:05 PM -
I miss being a Rune Mage, casting Pounding Shards and seeing all those lovely spikes pop out of the ground. I miss dancing and dodging during combat. I miss the wheel. I miss the colors and the music and the wonder of the game.


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19-10-2010, 06:31 PM -
I miss beating the crap out of everyone in the Arena  [Image: default_smile.png]

And ofc everything else, but especially the awesome community.

Oh yeah, and I miss the excitement of a new patch, like back in the days when Exarchyon got implemented...


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20-10-2010, 05:34 PM -
I miss the style and atmosphere especially the music (Pit, Statue, Fountain, Silentchild, Athenaeum and of course the title screen...)

I loved chilling in the forests and fields of Parliament as a wolf, boar or plant (yeah I was a skinshifter)

the sniffing noise of the boars ^^

House Shroud: The waterfalls, the cave, the lights, the small swamp all in this nice save valley. There is no place like home...

The white wolf near the docks

Selling all the useless stuff to npcs (or going 80% lower than the average price on the player market ^^)

[Image: boi10qlavfy6wwvye.png]


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20-10-2010, 07:19 PM -
I miss Arnold Shardzenegger!


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20-10-2010, 07:52 PM -
Quote:I miss Arnold Shardzenegger!

I do miss him! Smile

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