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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing?

Aight, I've played Divine Souls for a few days now and it's actually pretty good. The server stability is pretty horrible though...Also, it could use some polish on some minor parts, but nothing gamebreaking so far.

I kinda like the brawler-style gameplay, which kinda feels like Street Fighter games for some reason. It's not quite Spellborn-like, but it's definitely above average.

Only real downside is that the dungeons will feel a bit repetitive after a while, so it's a good thing there's a decent PvP system. (4v4 matches etc.)

All in all, it's a pretty good and promising game, but you'll be doing the same things pretty often, so it's more like a good distraction than a real "main" MMO.

Oh, and should you start playing, I'd recommend playing on the US servers, they're a lot more stable than the EU ones.


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