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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing?


Waiting for the LOTRO F2P release although it seems quite limited even for premium users as myself.

Furthermore got some good stuff coming up for 2011 like my #1 anticipated game, Guild Wars 2, also Star Wars: The Old Republic seems quite ok. I'm not too sure about TERA and Rift: Planes of Telera though. TERA seems way too asian to me and reminds me way too much of Aion and that's not a good thing!

Also RED 5's MMOFPS, Firefall, seems rather cool. But well we've only just seen the trailer so not alot of gameplay specifics out there yet.

And to finish this post, I'd like to note that I'm also looking at what Earthrise plans to deliver.

But yeah, all those titles are releasing in 2011 except for LOTRO F2P so... :/


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