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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing?


Quote:I think I will go back to WoW when the new expansion is coming. I got a couple of friends still playing that and I miss doing dungeons with them.

I contemplated trying LoTR with the free to play option. But as I understand it you have FtP-accounts and non-FtP accounts, and you can;t change from one to the other. So if u decide you like it you are stuck with a FtP account and have to buy for everything you want extra. Which is more expensive in the long run then just using a regular account from the start.

You can also start as F2P player, play as long as you want, take a sub, level up to max level, drop the sub and enjoy raids as far as I know.


This is a comparison chart:

VIP = Lifetime players or people with active subscription

Premium = previously subscribed people or people that bought 1 thing in the Turbine/CodeMasters store

F2P = title says it all

It's more like a freemium game. Free to log, free to do some stuff but all in all still restricitive. Nevertheless, I'd advise checking it out, the game has some nasty groupcombat mechanics that I enjoy. Plus, it looks brilliant (added DX11 support with upcoming F2P launch patch).

The F2P version should go live in 2 days but we've not heard officially of Codemasters about the EU version. That one will also go F2P but no word of them about when the patch will be put live on their servers. Also previous subscribers and F2P beta testers already have access to the US side of the game as a headstart now.

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