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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing?

Quote:I'm currently playing LOTRO [Image: default_smile.png] A lvl 26 Dwarf Guardian [Image: default_tongue.png] It's pretty fun and ther also a great community [Image: default_wink.png]

The community used to be great on the EU server I played on before the game went free to play. I did get bored around level 30-ish though. However it's a good MMORPG.

I've picked up Global Agenda again now that it's F2P and I must say that I'm glad to be playing again [Image: default_tongue.png]!

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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing? - by CowMooFlage - 09-05-2011, 07:20 PM

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