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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing?

I got Rift now on a standard subscription, and I quite like it.

The combat system is nothing like Spellborn unfortunatly, and is more like WoW with it's tab targetting, but it quite reminds me of my Shadowbane times.

Customization of chars is also good, 3 souls out of 9 to choose from per char, and 4 roles for each char, so if you like to experiment, you don't have to level a new char all the time. You can switch between tank and DD, for example, on the fly.

The spawning Rifts are a bit repetitive, and imo spawn too often.

But when a world event starts and Rifts start all over the place, lights turn dark and invasions start everywhere, it is quite a cool experience.


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