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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing?


Quote:I hate most of MMOs, F2P or P2P doesn't matter. There's just something in the very fabric of these games that is very repulsive for me. Sometimes I try to prove myself wrong and I download/ buy MMO to check if something has changed. Briefly counting there are about 30 games I tried. Each failed to keep me for more than a month. Each except Spellborn that is. Amazing world, combat system, logical quests, I was amazed how good Spellborn is.

There's also other game that might be called MMO and presents some actual value to me. Uru Live/ Myst Online (They've changed it name so many times). It's completely puzzle and social driven. World is as amazing as this presented in Spellborn. Check it out!

As for the future I am waiting for The Secret World. I have my past with Funcom ( Longest Journey FTW) so my expectations are high.

The Secret World has it charms. But I doubt it's going to be able to be real competitive with titles as Guild Wars 2 & The Old Republic. Even TERA and Rift seem to appeal to more people that Funcom's upcoming MMORPG. Nevertheless like Spellborn it has a special concept behind it and of course Ragnar Tornquist himself so who knows!

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