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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing?


Quote:I tried a beta for Aerrevan the other day and seriously this game wasn't even ready for a beta [Image: default_smile.png]

It was like Planeshift but WORSE. couldnt move, dc'd constantly, couldnt see character at creation, couldnt move, need I say more?

playing Alganon, not bad but very choppy movement wise and seems to be a ghost town lol, no ones there.  looks like I'm on Ever Quest II extended seeing as my son went back home taking his xbox and Final Fantasy XIII with him *cries*.

anyone playing something actually worth downloading please? and omg please please do NOT say Guild Wars again.


Why does Guild Wars not appeal to you? It's a very very very high quality title!

I'm playing some non-MMORPGS at the moment: Minecraft (should definately check that one out) and Rise of Nations: Gold Edition with a couple of friends. Both are quite fun.

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