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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing?

Wow long time since I was here last time.. But I have been playing Guild Wars 2. First a human(boring) then a norn(boring) and now I am playing a proud Asura thief(lvl 49) and its awesome! ;P

The Chronicles of Spellborn..


Asura's kick ass.

But they're on the right height too to kick you seriously in the ****.


I listened to this soundtrack last time
<iframe width="480" height="270" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/S5M1eT63lGE?feature=oembed" frameborder="0"></iframe> and it reminds me alot of spellborn.

So im looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online.Hope they will create such a great atmosphere like in skyrim and maybe it will be my next mmo after sspellborn

I tested alot the last time but i played none of them longer than a few days.Aion,Tera,C9,SWToR,GW 2

After spellborn its really hard to find a new game which is stunning me again such hard as Tcos
What lies hidden. must be found

TCoS Gameplay Videos:


While i never got a chance to play spellborn ive always wanted to, and hate that i knew nothing about the games release since at the time i like many other were absorbed in World of warcraft. Anyway atm im not really playing anything i cant find anything that pulls me and makes me wanna play and level everything just feels like bleh.


 4 months later and im still in limbo for online games i just cant seem to find anything that i truly enjoy. ive been playing Teraria a lot but i need a real MMO or even better yet an MMORPG.


I'm currently playing one of these:

<ul class="bbc">[*]Rift (since it's going F2P soon...)
[*]Guild Wars 2
[*]Skyrim (I love this game, even though it's not online)
[*]Rarely some Tera or Aion
</ul>You can check here what I play: http://raptr.com/vampiretrix/about


Dragon's Prophet looks like it could be fun. Open beta starts very soon.


Currently I'm venturing in the brutal lands of Agon (Darkfall: Unholy Wars). R.I.P 'The Cow' (the ganks are strong against me). 


Only games I been playing are Borderlands 2, Medieval 2: Total War and a little bit of Skyrim, no MMOs, can't find any too hold my interest really.


I've been bouncing between Raiderz, Rift, and Aika... I lost intrest in Aion awhile ago... and I got tired of trying to catch up with the ever increasing level cap of Aika... I have a Sniper level 81 out of 90 pvp is good in that game though... i logg on sometimes cause I am Officer in the Lord Martial's Alliance Guild. If you play join the Feonir Nation

Have a question? I'm here to help! 

WoW is 5E on sale in case someone is interested. No idea if it includes any DLCs.


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