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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing?

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Ok I got it. Do not like it. I find the controls awkward, the idea of instanced worlds for every player/party wtf?(good for server bad for MMO). Fighting is boring..anyway..there's something about it I don't like. Don't know what it is. It reminds me a lot of SUN. Hope you're not offended ^^

Anyway I will make a list of games I've tried maybe people will make an idea. The list is in random order.

9dragons: Good concept, great till level 40 or so, after that the grind gets way to big. Played it like 2 months.

Metin2: Alright, don't laugh, the idea of fighting a lot of monsters same time is good, few skills, few drops, many stupid people. A simple game for simple people that gets addicting. 1 month.

Cabal Online: Good game, got me hooked a while. Action combo style gameplay is good, craft system is not bad, although flawed when it comes to finding materials for higher level, too much grind for skill levels. 6 months?

Twelve Sky: Stupid game, just don't. 15 minutes

Lineage][: Awesome game, played 5-6 years(with pauses) on different pirated servers(not that insane to pay). Great game, although its grind based. Very good pvp/raid/crafting system and classes. In my opinion the archer class is this game is the best representation of what it should be.

WoW: Played 1 month and a half on official(trial+30 days from buying the game+a few days gift) with a friend. It is a very good game,although I got bored after level 40 and something.

SUN Online: Same idea as killing a lot of monsters as metin2, it seems to be a more "mature MMO" but it fails. 30 minutes

Perfect World International: Great graphics, boring gameplay, especially because of the waiting times for hp/mana refill and time to cast spells. 1 week

Runes of Magic: Gay...1 hour

TrackMania Nations Forever: Good racing game. It's like hotwheels commercials back in the day.

Aika Global: Typical MMO, it keeps your attention for a while, because of the pvp, which is massive, 1000vs1000. 2 months

Aion: Was hyped at start. Reminds me a lot of WoW. You loose interest soon though. 1 month.

Guild Wars: Stated above. 1 hour

Lord of the Rings Online: High value production game. It is a mix of different games. Good craft system, graphics are top notch, gameplay is typical, storyline is great, but some classes are fail somewhat. I do not consider "fun" that the healer class has to bash 1 through 6 just to kill 1 mob(same level mob, level 18) and have to hear the awful noises the combat makes. On the other end, champion(melee DD) uses 3 skills and its all over. Its going f2p tomorrow(2nd November) so you can try it out. It seems really interesting.

Heroes of the Three Kingdoms: Typical MMO, standard gameplay, craft etc. Take it or leave it. 2 hours

Anarchy Online: Too outdated for me. Great sci-fi theme. a few weeks.

The Chronicles of Spellborn: The best MMO by far. Unique gameplay, graphics, audio. Interesting storyline, epic world creation,great crafting system, armor/weapon concept. I love almost everything about Spellborn and I could talk about it 2 pages but I won't in this topic. ^^

Hope this list is useful in some way.

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