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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing?


Bufaritza - "Runes of Magic: Gay...1 hour"

PMSL - I totally agree, dunno what all the commotion is about it, the movement is terrible and basically that's more than enough to push boredom and frustration to the limit for me. HORRID HORRID game.

and Planetshit, I tried it for a couple of days, it was just way too much hard work. Considering it has been going a while you would think they would have improved it a little better by now.

I'm waiting for Forsaken World to get a move on with my invite to their next phase of beta, it's taking far too long.

My finances are way too effed up now for me to even consider a p2p so I'm still looking for only f2p.

I've gone back to Bad Ash, part of Ash Realms WoW private server.  It's better than the crap we have on offer and all the samey games I have tried recently make me condone shooting some game makers.  Just what possesses anyone to make a game exactly like the rest escapes my comprehension.

I'm studying with the Open University now so I'm not online much.

Has anyone seen Rualkri on here please?  If you are there babes I miss talking to you [Image: default_smile.png]


[Image: 59188_430846286730_593711730_5278636_815571_n.jpg]

~x~Fake Friends Killed on Sight~x~


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