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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing?


Quote:All MMO's that are currently out there can't hold my attention for more then one play session ill think hey this game isn't too to bad but then when i log in the second time its just eh this isn't all that fun not like World of Warcraft was in its prime hell even at the end i was still having at least partial fun. with that said im hoping Spellborn comes back in early 2011 like its suppose too.

Currently playing kind of:

Warhammer online- free 14 day Re-enlistment trial *not that great but HUGE update this thursday*

Atlantica online- Enjoyable combat, boring story, repetitive gameplay

Soul of the ultimate nation- Made by ijji and shutting down soon, decent gameplay, gender locked classes

Ragnarok online- One of my first mmos been playing it on and off for a while. all in all a decent MMO

P.S. I personally hate ijji there just as bad at running a company as Acclaim was nothing against any awesome GM's, DEV's, and anyone else that put in any work on this amazing MMO*Spellborn*. We all love the work you put in [Image: default_biggrin.png])

You can try Global Agenda. A few of the folks here are playing it. It is a really good game. There is a trial till level 12 but its locked by level only, so you can play after that as much as you want and the game itself costs like 20 dollars maximum with no subscription fees. I am really enjoying it atm.
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