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Which MMORPG's or MMO's are you playing?

Quote:Firefall; I was so excited at first. But after viewing their video for a second time, I already got put off with the graphics. The visuals are pretty good but their artstyle isn't my thing.

Too bad about Rift. I had a feeling its not gonna be something really different. Firefall's graphics is cellshaded, like Borderlands, and I loved Borderlands. But the problem about the artstyle isnt the quality, but the "I've seen that before". Thumper--->Dune, monsters--->Starship Troopers, characters design--->Team Fortress 2, Monsters at the end "raid"--->Halo+War of the worlds(tripod). They've taken loads of stuff and integrated, problem is they took TOO  much, and it feels like a spaghetti at times.
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