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01-12-2015, 01:47 AM -
in your answer you said "tcos" come from a dutch compagnie and the american law cant be useful for this but i read in the forum this

"And then Facebook game makers Playdom bought Acclaim. They, too, ignored the players’ messages. On July 27th, The Walt Disney Company bought Playdom. One month later, all Acclaim servers were shut down, including Spellborn’s last remaining two realms. Everything Acclaim ceased to exist."

then perhaps my other post can be helpful ? because walt disney (if i remenber ) is an american compagnie

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01-12-2015, 11:59 PM -
Well, Acclaim had the publishing rights, but didn't own TCoS. TCoS itself was made by Spellborn N.V., which used a company named Spellborn Works B.V. to actually develop the game.
Spellborn N.V. holds all the I.P. and assets. Spellborn Works created the game (together with Khaeon), and Spellborn Works went bankrupt.
Spellborn N.V. itself still exists, and is still the I.P.-holder. We can't use that American law, because the IP is in hands of a Dutch company.

Acclaim was nothing more than a publisher, who published what Spellborn N.V. provided to them, but they only had the rights to run the game, not the rights to the game itself.
MMORPG licensing is kind of messy...

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02-12-2015, 02:13 PM -
All the rights belong to Spellborn NV in the Netherlands. They licensed the game out/gave publishing rights to Acclaim to publish the NA version. So the case is not applicable to the newly voted law.

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