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Youtube find


Hey, i just listened to this track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhRIp4MVmQs, when a thought struck me.
Whoever uploaded these videos may have taken some screenshots from slinks testserver. Those that are empty of mobs show a character where the armor i think gives it away (random non matching pieces).
But then again i have no idea how hard it was to get matching pieces back then, so i may be wrong about it.

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His armor looks indeed very random. Sometimes it was hard to get a full set of armor pieces, since every single piece required different crafting materials and some of them where really rare, but his outfits look too random if you ask me.

It could be true that some of these screenshots are coming from slinks testserver.
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Hey all, I noticed the uploader has more game music from other artists as well.
Jesper Kyd seems to be on of his other favourites.

In one of the videos I noticed a picture from one of the game artists who worked on Spellborn.
It's http://frankbakker.com/

btw, check out the complete collection from the same Youtube uploader here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL...mmoFx3-6hX

Cu J-W



I actually talked to him on youtube (though not about the screenshots) and told him about our project. He also looks forward to playing on our server when it's ready.


I'd guess this is an old development screenshot Smile


*Add video to playlist*


One of the videos on youtube at which Romano Molenaar is talking about the art and creating Spellborn.

Have fun watching it, layers layers, layers !



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