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Hey, i just wanted to point out that the forum is not very accessable from outside.

spellborn.org looks broken in my browser (newest firefox / the header image overlaps the links and spans out of the window)


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First a welcome to you,


Just read your text in the other thread, nice to see someone else who tries to get our beloved game back.

(I was allready wondering if it was only Acid-burn and me who were working on it [Image: default_tongue.gif])


About the main page of the website itself, the layout is indeed different in Firefox and Internet explorer, I've just tested it in both

and IE seems to be ok.


I've been notified by Kevin (our website / forum owner) that we'll have a new version of the forum software in the near future,

maybe this is related, but my guess it's more an incompatibility between browser functions.


I'll give Kevin a message so he can look into this topic.


Greetings Jan-Willem.



Hi and welcome Polymo!


Thanks for bringing this to my attention (and JW-NL ofcourse ^^). I've checked this and I have this error too in the Firefox plugin of my CSS editor. 

i'm going to add a 'quick button fix', but a full fix will be here in a few days.







The quick and dirty fix is now online!


It's a blue button below the imageslider, a more elegant solution is coming up soon.







I do not know if it is related to that topic or not, but there is a (very) minor issue: you can't add an avatar to your profile, at least the classic way. It's not very important but having an avatar is always nice!


PS: I do not use gravatar.



It's a folder that isn't writeable, I'll fix this asap.



Should be fixed now.





Mhmm, seems for me a new problem was introduced, my current picture is gone and trying to upload again gives an error message.


greetings J-W.



Still does not work for me ^^



For me the same as JW

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