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Release notes

(This post was last modified: 04-05-2019, 06:56 PM by SpellbornDev.)

  • Fixed quest The Legend of the Five. Gruldor Lewhand can now be attacked again
  • TOTA can be replayed
  • The laughing thief does not stop at his patrol point and get stuck anymore
  • Quest Hodder's Contact List can now be finished
  • Fixed quest Those that Deserve it

  • Fixed crash when entering an incorrect username in the email system

  • Fixed server crash when sending an email to a non existing player
  • Fixed Road of the Conscript quest line (Removed invalid quests)

  • Fixed quest "A token of Serenity"

Version 1.1.0
  • Fixed progression bug in quest Smiling Shadows
  • Visual issue in Demon Chest room that the floor grid was invisible
  • Fixed glitch that allowed players to teleport inside the demon room
  • Shardship skybox updated to fix the white hole issue
  • Painting of equipment now works again
  • Fixed client crash on the quest Deadbolt Rising
  • Made key more visible by changing its texture in the quest Deadbolt Rising

This patch contains 3 major fixes:
  • TOTA (Tomb of the Ancestors) is now fixed and enabled again.
  • Trial Cave lvl 35 is fixed.
  • Shader overlay materials are working again.

Detailed changelist:
  • Fixed entrance tag so you can enter TOTA
  • Fixed interactive object radius so you can actually interact with the door
  • Fixed timing bug in challenge 8 (Sometimes events did not get triggered if they are not registered before the timer was ended. The timer has been replaced with a proper implementation to avoid this in the future)
  • Fixed last enemy in challenge 8 to be invulnerable
  • Fixed issues in the NPC Chat script. This caused challenge 5 to not trigger chat messages from the judge
  • Fixed navigation mesh
  • Fixed challenge 5 script. Removed the howler spawner because this is a different type of spawner and the script cant cope with this
  • Fixed challenge 10 script. The endboss stayed invulnerable after the first 20% mark
  • Removed double doors at the end of the instance. Caused severe jittering
  • Changed relevancy settings for all interactive actors so the doors dont pop open when walking towards them.
  • Fixed typo in judge chat
  • Rebaked TotA map
  • Fixed patrol paths in Trial Cave lvl 35.
  • Fixed Shader overlay effects. (For example freeze effects)

  • Crashfix in HM when talking to one of the master warriors in the Academy
  • Fixed the WorldResourceManager in HM
  • Fixed Exarchyon bug where the prisoners' patrol did not work
  • Fixed invisible planks in RF_Hearth when playing with low quality detail settings

  • All accessmaps rebuild
  • Golden scroll conversation is now only visible when you have the required quest (MoH dockmaster)
  • A mark of Silence, The piece of cloth now spawns correctly
  • The shop owner in Viola Holt is fixed again. Was broken again in last version.

  • Fixed Accessmap for Mount of Heroes, Parliament and Ringfell maps.
  • Fixed game actor effects
  • Fixed NPC chat bug. This caused some NPCs to be invulnerable without dieing.
  • Fixed Trial Cave lvl 15

  • Aldenvault and Gravesbow Accessmap
  • Crash in HM Academy

  • Hawksmouth, Aldenvault and Hoggsridge are rebaked and have a new Accessmap generation. This should fix the stuck creatures bug.
  • It is now possible to select an archetype based on your class. The chats are fixed.

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