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[Quarterstone Pit District] "He Remains Powerful" - small bug

(This post was last modified: 28-05-2019, 08:50 AM by SpellbornDev.)

This is the part of the larger Rhaiza quest line in Quarterstone Pit District. At one point, when you return the Lovelost amulate to Lysomey in the graveyard, she tells you to go speak to Igat Leir for his advice on how to allow her to leave the graveyard, because her dead father's ghost is not letting her leave. As soon as the quest is accepted, you get attacked by the dead father ghost, and once he's defeated, you speak to Lysomey for her dialogue. Instead of receiving her dialogue, however, I received the dialogue of Igat Leir as if i had gone to speak to him in the pub. It allowed me to complete his part of the quest, while i was speaking to Lysomey. After completing that portion, I'm supposed to talk to Igat again to receive the next part of the quest, which tells me how to get lysomey out. Instead, I speak to Lysomey and i'm able to obtain the quest to lead her out of the graveyard, to the pit. Essentially, circumventing having to go to Igat Leir altogether.

All in all, not a quest breaker it seems, so not a big deal. 

Also, here is where I get a couple of "Empty Dialogue" responses from Rhaiza when I return the amulet to him.

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