Excessive downtime
Started by Kevin_mybb_import1

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Legend of House Shroud

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20-07-2013, 08:36 PM -
Hello everybody, 


I wanted to let you know something about the excessive downtime the last few days, which left us with an uptime of 36,55% is unacceptable, it really is.


The cause of this is not known to me, as my webhost has given me barely any information at all of the cause.

However this weekend we had a lot of issues:

* DDoS earlier this month

* Emergency maintenance last week (maintenance by webhost)

* Downtime yesterday of 11h30m

* Downtime today of 14h36m


Even now I have no access to the control panel of my servers. I will look into another provider asap.

This provider even denies that there was any downtime today.


This provider also says they have failover hardware... but in all of the issues lately there wasn't any failover...


In any case, I'm sorry for the downtime!

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23-07-2013, 10:10 PM -
Haven't been on the website for a while and was surprised too see it in such good shape, you've made it into a pretty sexy website.

No need too apologize, maintenance is needed everynow and then, you've done a great job here.


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25-07-2013, 06:17 PM -
No problem at all. I'm planning to get webspace myself so maybe I could mirror your site (I don't need much space for myself). Just PM me if you want to know more.

[Image: boi10qlavfy6wwvye.png]

Legend of House Shroud

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28-07-2013, 12:18 AM -
Hey Flythth,


Nice offer, but I'm afraid it isn't possible.. our forum software is licensed for 1 server, so we really can't mirror it that easily.

I've gotten a warranty though that these issues should be over, and should it happen again I can bring the site back in a matter of hours now on a different provider.


So, it shouldn't happen again [Image: default_wink.png]


And CheapThrill, I'm still working on a new version which is more mobile/tablet optimzed... Expect it to pop up next month [Image: default_wink.png]

Legend of House Shroud

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04-08-2013, 01:18 PM -
And yesterday I got a response from my webhost, telling me they offer me 1 month for free. Let me just say I'll be moving webhosts as soon as my paid time expires!

I'll have to set a date for this, so on the 20th of September (or October, or later, depending on the compensation they'll have to give me).


They are also kind of pissed at me because I put a very bad review of them online (which is basicly summing up all the downtimes we had, that alone is bad enough)... They tried to "bribe" me with a compensation (which seems like it's 1 month, while that is in our contract...) to remove it. Seems I'll keep it up there.

Legend of House Shroud

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26-09-2013, 12:55 PM -
A little update now, I've moved the servers a while ago to a new webhost, DigitalOcean, where we are currently being hosted on the smallest VPS without any issues (it's working really smooth and the site is a lot faster too).


There were some issues just after the move where we would run out of RAM, and MySQL would crash because of that, but those issues are now also resolved and shouldn't occur (adding a bit of swap does miracles). If needed, I can always upgrade our server.


Also, I'm working on a new version of the portal, as I find the current version very slow (it's the theme, which has way too many features which slows everything down).I have been working on a new version for a while now, and I'm still working on it so I hope I can launch it as soon as I'm glad with it.

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