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Cannot get a smooth framerate



I'm trying to record some Spellborn footage, in order to create some promotional videos for Youtube. The videos I'm trying to record are to be shot from 1st person perspective, in constant straight movement, with the HUD turned off.

The problem is I cannot get the game to stay over 60 FPS, especially in populated areas. I tried capping the framerate to 30 (still good for video) using the Nvidia control panel, but it still dips to single digit FPS every 10 seconds or so.

My rig has a Xeon E5-1650 v3 with 64 gigs of RAM and a GTX 970, so this cannot be due to low specs. It could be that the game dislikes my particular configuration, but I'm guessing this is an optimization issue.

Any tips for getting a smooth FPS? I'd even be ready to settle to 24 FPS, as long as it doesn't dip below. Thanks!
Spellborn is back!


The problem with TCOS is that its not multi threaded. So, your CPU is only using 1 core unfortunately. This means there is not much you can do, except getting the best CPU you can Tongue


Thanks, I'll check whether disabling hyperthreading helps or not.
Spellborn is back!


I suspect the logging to the hard drive to be involved in framerate drops. No proof for it, but a strong suspicion.

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