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04-08-2019, 12:55 AM -
I remember when I played (back in 2013) I think I was a Trickster rogue, and I had the time of my life! Can anyone here post their opinions about their class or what class they think is the most fun or effective?

So far I like Trickster rogue, I think I am going to try a caster though - im torn between ancestral mage (first choice) or rune mage. Void Seers look kinda cool, but it seems like are buffers/debuffers/healers, and not DPS-centric.

I also kind of curious of Skinshifters! Big Grin
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29-12-2019, 11:58 PM -
Warning: this is the first time I get to ramble about the game since I started a week or so ago.
I've been playing as a Skinshifter and it's pretty chill. I transform and walk through mobs and bandits as if I had stealth.
Reminds me of how I played a rogue in WoW, and wouldn't want to play anything else but rogue because it's such a time saver. You don't have to fight anything, and just get to your target.
It gives me the feeling again of wondering what it would be like playing a non-stealth class, having to fight or run away from everything.
I'm lvl 13, and I get to experience things I didn't get to when I was younger and the game just came out.
The art style is so unique with it's old-school fantasy. I'm really enjoying the scenery.
The flying-ship made out of rocks, the rock dome of the Parliament, the crystals all over, the tooth-shaped Quarterstone. So fucking beautiful.

Getting back to Skinshifter, It's really cool that if you don't cancel the transformation then you'll get attacked by friendly NPCs while near them.
I do wish it had more combat elements, like a druid I guess. It's basically glorified stealth Smile
Kinda weird that the lvl 5/6 transformation is this wolf thingy, and the level 10 one is a boar that makes you go slower, but I think it gives you a slight buff upon cancellation, not so sure.
I don't see a use for the boar so far.

Is there a way to change classes? I want to try Trickster and Deathhand..

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