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The Chronicles of Spellborn - Demon Army Camp



Seeing myself in this video makes me rather emotional and happy at the same time... :/



Amazing and so nostalgic!

Sirokko lvl49 - Void Seer - PvE

Krii lvl45 - Ancestral Mage - PvE

Prespir lvl38 - Wrathguard - PvE

Sirokko lvl47 - Blood Warrior - PvP

Krii lvl37 - Skinshifter - PvP

How i wish to resurect this game!!



Hope is not lost, There are works that may one day see these regions active again.....

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I hope there is still some hope for this game, it was an amazing game that i really was sad to see shut down with all the crap games they have available.


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