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[Pit District} Tale of Two Polds

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Pit District

Repro rate always
Quest "It's Just Business"
Involves the shop owners

Quest description say the Rune shop owners in Quarterstone, But instead it is all the shop owners in the Pit district.
This might be easier to fix by changing the description to match what happens but that defeats the purpose of getting the player to travel to the other districts and to get the quests there, yes it reduces running but still. Here's where the tale comes in.

Pold the sigilburner is the rune shop owner in the fountain district. Pold The Soulwarden is the soul shop owner in the Pit District. Haha Funny but this fails to explain the mix up with the spirit shop owner in the pit district because her name isn't even close to Waulmogg the rune shop owner from statue district.

screenshot is to big to upload here so I posted it on discord in bugs tab
[Image: Trialtwoc.jpg]


Can confirm, still occurs.

I've read from others in the discord that it is completable, with the other Pold. However, it still doesn't work for me, still investigating this.
Trying to find out what is wrong in the editor, but still learning that, so I'll need some help.

I've abandoned the quest and retried, Waolmogg in Statue district still ignores me. How rude he is...


I have fixed this issue wit redownload and clean new installation of the client.

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