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Musical score never repeats

(This post was last modified: 03-05-2020, 11:37 PM by Aenra.)

Made mention of this in my "hello" thread, but the way i experienced it gave me the wrong idea about the issue, so in a bit more detail:

All sound FX (ambient/sound/environment) play just fine, every time, like clockwork.

The musical score however (ie the actual music), only plays:

i) when i've just started the client, and am at the login credentials screen.

ii) when i transition between different areas (ie Hawks to Alden).

It never repeats itself, really never, even when the 'interval' setting is set to 'max', ie dragged all the way to the right as you see it.

To help with the troubleshooting;

Self evident, but as mentioned above, music does play, albeit literally just the one time, never again unless i switch areas. Even if i do and it does play this once, it will never repeat itself, not even after hours.

- so no music files missing or corrupted, i played the game back then as well, i remember what plays where. And it's what i hear now as well.

- no issue on my end, be it hardware or software, as again, i can hear it (albeit just the one time).

- have already tried deleting client.ini, Spellborn.ini, one at a time and both simultaneously and then re-starting client from scratch. Issue persists.

- just as evident, but i do not have music muted from the tick box, or its volume set to zero.

- to make it weirder still, a guildie and Wraith (who i believe you know) have both told me they can hear it just fine on their end :S

Am on Windows 10 Ent, long service, 1809 (17763.1192), last updated yesterday, manually. Game is run as admin, even though it doesn't need to, am on secret admin account with altered secpol settings, auto elevation. No sound issues, no other issues, not new to this. And again, i can hear the music ingame, it's the repetition that's problematic. Have also attached my DxDiag full report, not sure if it uploaded or not however, can't see it now.

Would sincerely appreciate any pointers or some checking from your end. 'Bout 40% of the excitement for me was the music, lol, really loved it back then.. and i can't hear it! Smile

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Thanks for the detailed explanation, I will look into it.

Kind regards!


I looked into this, and music plays fine on my machine, so I had a look at the settings, and what happens if you change them.
Apparently, moving the slider all the way to the right will make the interval between music tracks bigger. That means you'll have to wait longer for the music to repeat.
Setting it all the way to the right might even disable it (not sure, but you mentioned it took an hour and still did not hear music)

After you've set it to the max once, the game will not reset from this state. You will need to change the slider to a lower value, and then reboot the client in order to make the music work again. Or you can also travel once and it will be resolved as well. It kinda looks like it will pick a delay time right after the music ends, and will stick to that time, no matter if you change the settings at that point.

Moving the slider all the way to the left repeated the hawksmouth music for me every 5 minutes. Let me know if this fixes your issue.


Fixed Smile

Had thought of that you know, off chance it was inverted for some reason.. only since it had not amounted to anything either, i'd given up; hadn't thought of also rebooting first, figured you know, since it doesn't require a restart..
Anyway, really appreciate your taking the time for this, my thanks again!

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