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Hello all and few questions
Matthew Florianz...still the best ambient sound composer I've ever seen/heard.
His work for spellborn is gorgeous.

And welcome to the fanhub Saami!
What lies hidden. must be found

TCoS Gameplay Videos:

Yeah, there's an issue with the thumbnails, but alle images are available full-resolution. ^^
New screenshots added and waiting to be approved.
Btw. I noticed that test server have old hawksmouth dock and no arena queue. Is it how old game version?
Is test server work done or is there still possibility for npc, quests etc...
Nice work still, im not complaining. It was good nostalgia trip to go see all areas again.
Work is still being done on the server, currently by Valshaaran (though not on the test server you play on ( it was a personal project from another user here)). He's been working on understanding and exporting quest related things and enabling basic conversations.
And yes, the test server runs for the beta client you play with (0.9 - which must be like the earliest playable one - without gameguard protection for which we had no time to get too deep into).

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