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Just a thought
I asked one of the former Spellborn directors who owned the Spellborn rights, I need to look back at the chats logs but from what I remember, it's still Spellborn NV, and according to him, would be hard to convince them to actually do something with the license...
But knowing who to contact would be a great step forward for sure.
I remember doing a lot of digging on the subject 3/4 years ago, at the same time I started working on the server, but difficult to be sure who's still on board on the Spellborn license and who is not.

Okay I found the log:
"Hi [...], Spellborn license is still owned by Spellborn International N.V. They are not known for their flexibility when it comes to licenses, and its hard to contact them. They are not very responsive."
As if they would ever make any money with spellborn again.
The game is too old and way too special and unique to have any success in modern MMORPG culture where everything is based on cash shops and simple casual gameplay.

But it seems these guys are not very cooperative anyway.
I wish someone would leak the source code undercover but who would take that risk for such a small group of peole who are still interested to play this gem.
What lies hidden. must be found

TCoS Gameplay Videos:

Don't forget Spellborn was under redevelopment into a Free to Play game by Frogster Asia after the studio in Holland went bankrupt.
Ex-Spellborn Dev
From the data out of the dutch chamber of commerce, the last stated director of Spellborn N.V. was or still is "J.C.J. van Ham". If anyone can trace a contact information, maby he could give leads. The latest annual documents were deposited (at the chamber) on the 23-11-2017.
[Image: banner10.jpg]
That's the closest thing google spits out ( , he's probably not an internet person.
It's always about greed, money, and power - guys.

That's how its always been with all these companies. If there is a buck to be made, they will ALWAYS try to capitalize on it.

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